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Welcome to NomNom

NomNom helps prospective parents choosing a name for their baby.

How are you going to name your baby?

You are pregnant and one of the first questions is... how am I going to name my baby? Name searching, inventing and finding is fun to do. Only, how does one come to a list from which to select the best suitable name? In the old days you would use a sheet of paper and write the names down. You would come across a nice name and put it on the list with the other names. The list would obviously be lost at some point and you would have had to start over.
NomNom has digitized the namelist, you can now find the name for your baby online and interactively.


How does it work?

  • You create an account with NomNom and you can get going immediately;
  • Optionally invite others to participate in your list;
  • Think of a name or names;
  • Set the 'position' (of the first names) you wish;
  • Give the name a 'score' (1 low - 10 high);
  • Now you can drop names (Veto) or change (name/spelling/score/position);

The 'result' is the name for your baby combined with its last name.


Oh ...

And congratulations with your pregnancy and coming baby. We wish you all the luck finding and choosing the name for your baby.


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